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Our lab currently collaborates with:
1. Mercy Hospital: Under the frame of the twinship agreement, we have a tributary lab in the hospital for biomedical research.
2. Dr. Jean-Marc Perone: Opthalmplogy: Centre Hospitalier Régional .
3. Dr. Christian Gachet: EFS Etablissement Français du Sang Grand .
4. Dr. Peter Czurratis: PVA TePla Analytical Systems GmbH.
5. Dr.-Eng. Sebastian Brand: Diagnostic of Semiconductor , Center for Applied Microstructure Diagnostics CAM, Institute for Microstructure of Materials and Systems IMWS.
6. Dr. Fodil Meragni, Arts et Metiers ENSAM, Metz.
7. Dr. Laurence Mathieu, Pole d l'Eau, LCPME, Nancy.
8. Dr. Vincent Laude, Femto-ST, Besancon.
9. University of Allahabad, Prof. Raja Ram Yadav.
10. Fraunhofer Inst., Dr. Sebastian Brandt.