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PostDocs & Researchers

Nigam, Shreya

voluntary researcher, Summer 2023.

Pomarede, Pascal

Postdoc at Georgia Tech Lorraine, Fall 2018-Fall 2019, Spring 2019-Fall 2022
Project topics : Ultrasonic waves in composite and metal plates.

Ahmed Mohammed, Esam

Postdoc at Georgia Tech Lorraine, Spring 2017- Summer 2018, Fall 2018-Summer 2019 (lecturer Spring 2019), Fall 2019-Fall 2020.
Project topics : Biomedical applications of ultrasound, Acoustic microscopy, Non-linear ultrasound

Chehami, Lynda

Postdoc at Georgia Tech Lorraine, Fall 2016- Fall 2017
Project title : ultrasonic guided waves for materials inspection
Current position: Associate Professor at Université Polytechnique Hauts-de-France, France.

McKeon, Peter

Lecturer at Georgia Tech Lorraine (ME 3017 System Dynamics), Spring 2014
Current position: a faculty at South Dakota School of Mines and Technology, USA

Lamkanfi, Ebrahim

Postdoc at Georgia Tech Lorraine, Spring 2010- Summer 2011
Project title : Finite element analysis of Ultrasonic wave interaction with materials
Current position: self-employed.

Cruz Calleja, Jorge Antonio

Freelance remote collaborator with sporadic visits, 2007-2009.
Project title : Experimental investigation of acoustic effects at Mexican Pyramids
Current position: Professor at Instituto Politécnico Nacional, Mexico.

Satyanarayan, Louis

Postdoc at Georgia Tech Lorraine, Spring 2008- Summer 2010
Co-advised by Yves Berthelot
Project title : Development of a sensor bases on electrets
Current position: Faculty, Georgia Institute of Technology Europe.