Georgia Institute of Technology

The Georgia Tech skyline in Atlanta (credit Well Carvalho)

The university was established in 1888 as 'The Georgia School of Technology' and was renamed 'Georgia Institute of Technology' in 1948 because that resembled its activity in Science and Technology better. Since 1952, i.e. 32 years after the Catholic University of Leuven and 70 years after Ghent University in Belgium, and more than 90 years after the University of Lyon in France, and 280 years after the University of Padua in Italy, but 31 years before Columbia University, female students have been admitted and in 1961 African-American students.
For many years, Georgia Tech has played a leading role in stimulating a culture of inclusive excellence. It is ranked in the top 10% of colleges for overall diversity, scores above-average racial-ethnic diversity and average male/female diversity.
A crucial observation is that, throughout its long history, Georgia Tech has always focused its efforts on preparing students to use their innovative skills and strong work ethic to solve real-world problems and improve people's lives around the globe.
Nowadays, Georgia Tech is a technology-focused college in Atlanta, GA-USA, and one of the top research universities in the USA.
Early in Georgia Tech's history, a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering was the only degree offered. The George W. Woodruff School of Mechanical Engineering is the most famous department of Mechanical Engineering in the World and consistently ranks among the top schools in the USA and globally.

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