Tokyo Institute of Technology

Declercq was a visiting scientist at the Tokyo Institute of Technology for several weeks in 2006 before joining The Georgia Institute of Technology. He resided at Ookayama in Tokyo and worked at Suzukakadai closer to Yokohama in the lab of Professor Sadayuki Ueha, Professor Kentaro Nakamura and Professor James Friend. Thanks to a Japanese invitation and grant from Tokyo Tech, his stay was made possible. The Institute was established in 1881, is the largest science and technology educational institute in Japan and is one of the most prestigious universities in the country. At the Institute, he participated in comprehensive research, which was an excellent opportunity to learn about the technical implementation of ultrasound in robotics, particularly in linear motors, and improve his skills in optics through research on optical fibers. He particularly enjoyed the daily life with the numerous fellow researchers of his age (several months after receiving his PhD) from Japan and China. In particular, in his spare time, he learned to appreciate the delicious Japanese food and improved his chopstick skills reasonably quickly. The daily commute between his residence and the laboratory was also a fabulous Japanese experience. His stay and experience are the foundation of the deep respect he cherishes for Japanese culture and has resulted in lifelong friendships with several colleagues from that period.