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Published and Accepted Journal Papers 60-89

76. Slah Yaacoubi, Peter McKeon, Weina Ke, Nico F. Declercq, Fethi Dahmene, “Towards an Ultrasonic Guided Wave Procedure for Health Monitoring of Composite Vessels: Application to Hydrogen-Powered Aircraft”, Materials 2017, 10, 1097, doi:10.3390/ma10091097, 2017. *
75. Jingfei Liu and Nico F. Declercq, “Acoustic Wood anomaly in transmitted diffraction field”, Journal of Applied Physics 121(11), 114902, 2017. *
74. Jingfei Liu and Nico F. Declercq, “ Pulsed ultrasonic comb filtering effect and its applications in the measurement of sound velocity and thickness of thin plates”, Ultrasonics 75, 199–208, 2017. *
73. Jingfei Liu, Nico F. Declercq, “Experimental investigation of the dispersion of Scholte-Stoneley waves on a periodically corrugated surface”, Appllied Physics Letters 109, 261603, 1-4, 2016.*
72. S. Eckel, F. Meraghni, P. Pomarede, N. F. Declercq, "Investigation of damage in composites using nondestructive nonlinear acoustic spectroscopy", Experimental Mechanics 57, DOI:10.1007/s11340-016-0222-6 , 207-17, and 2017*
71. Junliang Dong, Alexandre Locquet, Nico F. Declercq, David S. Citrin, “Polarization-resolved terahertz imaging of intra- and inter-laminar damages in hybrid fiber-reinforced composite laminate subject to low-velocity impact”, Composites Part B- Engineering 92, 167-174, 2016.*
70. Anurupa Shaw, Jingfei Liu, Suk Wang Yoon, Nico F. Declercq, “Characterization of the geometry of microscale periodic structures using acoustic microscopy”, Ultrasonics 70, 258–265, 2016*
69. Jingfei Liu, Nico F. Declercq,  “A secondary diffraction effect and the generation of Scholte-Stoneley acoustic wave on periodically corrugated surface”, Journal of Applied Physics 19, 174901-1-7, 2016.*
68. Jingfei Liu, Nico F. Declercq, “Investigation of the origin of acoustic Wood anomaly”, Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 138(2), 1168-1179, 2015.*
67. Junliang Dong, Kim Byungchil, Alexandre Locquet, Peter McKeon, Nico Declercq, D. S. Citrin, “Nondestructive evaluation of forced delamination in glass fiber-reinforced composites by terahertz and ultrasonic waves”, Composites Part B-Engineering 79, 667-675, 2015.*
66. Anurupa Shaw, Nico F. Declercq, "Determination of Ice Thickness on Lakes and Canals using Audio Sound.", Acta Acustica united with Acustica 101(3), 484-493, 2015.*
65. Rayisa P. Moiseyenko, Jingfei Liu, Sarah Benchabane, Nico F. Declercq, Vincent Laude, “Excitation of surface waves on one-dimensional solid-fluid phononic crystals and the beam displacement effect”, AIP Advances 4(12), 124202, 2014.*
64. Ebrahim Lamkanfi, Nico F. Declercq, Wim Van Paepegem, Joris Degrieck, “Scholte-Stoneley waves on an immersed solid dihedral: Generation, propagation and scattering effects”, Ultrasonics 54(6), 1685-1691, 2014.*
63. Alem Teklu, Nico F. Declercq, and Michael McPherson, "Acousto-Optic Bragg Imaging of Biological Tissue", Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 136(2), 634-637, 2014.*
62. Jingfei Liu, Nico F. Declercq, “Experimental observation of acoustic sub-harmonic diffraction by a grating”, Journal of Applied Physics 115 (24), 244902, 1-11, 2014.*
61. Nico Felicien Declercq, “Inhomogeneous waves obliquely incident on a periodic structure”, the European Journal for Acoustics, Acta Acustica United with Acustica 100(1), 1-4, 2014.*
60. Peter McKeon, Slah Yaacoubi, Nico F. Declercq, Salah Ramadan, Weina K. Yaacoubi, "Baseline subtraction technique in the frequency-wavenumber domain for high sensitivity damage detection", Ultrasonics 54(2), 592-603, 2013.*

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