PhD students

Miqoi, Nada

(co-advisor with Fodil Meraghni at Arts Et Métiers ParisTech, ENSAM, Metz, France)
Advised since: Summer 2018.

Dash, Pradosh Pritam

Advised since: Fall 2018.

Pomarede, Pascal

(co-advisor with Fodil Meraghni at Arts Et Métiers ParisTech, ENSAM, Metz, France)
Advised since: Fall 2014, contract “Open Lab of Peugeot PSA”
Date of graduation: May 18, 2018
Title of thesis: Damage detection in PA 66/6|Glass woven fabric composite material using ultrasonic techniques towards durability prediction of automotive parts.

PhD Jury: Fodil Meraghni (Prof, Examinateur, advisor at Arts et Métiers ParisTech - Metz), Nico F. Declercq (Prof, Examinateur, advisor at Georgia Tech Lorraine), Ahmad Osman (Prof, rapporteur, Hochschule für Tecnik und Wirtschaft des Saarlandes, Saarbrücken), Christ Glorieux (Prof, rapporteur, Université Catholique de Louvain, Belgique), Nathalie Godin (Examinateur, Institut National des Sciences Appliquées de Lyon, Villeurbanne), Lynda Chehami (Examinateur, Université de Valenciennes et du Hainaut Cambrésis), Stéphane Delalande (Examinateur, PSA Groupe Centre Technique Vélizy, Villacoublay).

Ez-Zahraoui, Othmane

Advised since: Fall 2016, passed ME Quals Spring 2017
Date of graduation: originally planned for 2020, quit because of force majeur, might re-enter program in the future.

Shaw, Anurupa

(voluntary co-advisor with Vincent Laude and Damien Teyssieux at doctoral school of FEMTO-ST CNRS UMR 6174 at Besancon, France, SPIM - Sciences Physiques pour l'Ingénieur et Microtechniques.)
Advised since: 2014
Date of graduation: December 14, 2017
Title of thesis: Production d'impulsions acoustiques brèves à la surface d'un matériau piézoélectrique (French: La génération d'impulsions courtes d'ondes acoustiques de surface sur un matériau piézo-électrique)
PhD Jury: Vincent Laude (Directeur de these), Bernard Bonello (Rapporteur), Omar Elmazria (Rapporteur), Andreas Mayer (Examinateur), Franck Chollet (Examinateur), Damien Teyssieux (C-Directeur de these), Nico Declercq (Examinateur).

Dong, Junliang

(co-advisor with David Citrin and Alexandre Locquet at ECE – Georgia Tech, mainly on Ultrasonics sections of work)
Advised since: Fall 2013
Date of graduation: July, 2017
Title of thesis: Terahertz Imaging for Nondestructive Evaluation and Material Characterization.
PhD Jury: David S. Citrin (Prof., Georgia Tech, ECE), Waymond R. Scott (Prof., Georgia Tech, ECE), Paul Voss (Prof., Georgia Tech, ECE), Justin Romberg (Prof., Georgia Tech, ECE), Nico F. Declercq (Prof., Georgia Tech, ME), Alexandre Locquet (Prof., Georgia Tech, ECE).

Liu, Jingfei

(advisor at Mechanical Engineering at University of Lorraine)
Advised since: Fall 2009, on a French BDI Project
Date of graduation: Dec 3, 2013
Title of thesis: L?interaction des ultrasons avec des structures periodiques et des structures compositesÿ¯ÿ(Englishÿ:ÿThe interaction of ultrasonic waves with periodical structures and with composites). PhD Juryÿ: Nico Declercq (Georgia Tech), Marc Deschamps (Univ. Bordeaux 1), Bertrand Dubus (ISEN, Lille), Vincent Laude (Univ de Besancon ? Femto-ST), Fodil Meraghni (ENSAM), Abdallah Ougazzaden (Georgia Tech), Jean-Paul Savestrini (Univ. Lorraine, Metz, Suk Wang Yoon (SungKyunKwan Univ., Republic of Korea).
Indicators of mentorship quality: collaboration continues
Current position: PostDoc at CalTech

McKeon, Peter

(co-advisor with Slah Yaacoubi at Georgia Tech)
Advised since: Fall 2010, On Contract with French ?Institut de Soudure?.
Progression: Passed quals Spring 2011, passed Proposal Dec 12, 2013; title ?Ultrasonic Guided Waves to Monitor Anisotropic Media: Application to a High Pressure Composite Tank?
Date of graduation: Sept 29, 2014
Title of thesis: A findamental study to enable ultrasonic structural health monitoring of a thick-walled composite over-wrapped pressure vessel. PhD committeeÿ: Nico F. Declercq (ME, advisor and chair), Slah Yaacoubi (co-advisor, industrial partner), Yves Berthelot (ME), Laurence J. Jacobs (CEE), Jennifer E. Michaels (ECE), Laurent Capolungo (ME).
Indicators of mentorship quality: Peter McKeon has received the Best Student Paper Award in Engineering Acoustics at the ICA 2013 Montreal International Congress on Acoustics for his paper 'Comparisons of finite element models simulating the interaction of ultrasonic guided waves with sites of disbonding in composites'
Current position: Lecturer

Moiseyenko, Rayisa

(co-advisor with Vincent Laude at doctoral school of FEMTO-ST CNRS UMR 6174 at Besancon, France )
Advised since: 2009
Date of graduation: Nov 29, 2012 (Grade de docteur de l?universit‚ de Franche-Comt‚, sp‚cialit‚ Sciences pour l, ing‚nieur.)
Title of thesis: Diffraction in phononic crystals, PhD Reading Committee: B. Bonello (rapporteur), V. J. Sanchez Morcillo (rapporteur), F. Cherioux (examinateur), N. F. Declercq (Examinateur and advisor), V. Gusev (examinateur), V. Laude (examinateur and advisor), V. Plessky (examinateur).
Indicators of mentorship quality: Rayisa P. Moiseyenko has received the first prize for her research "Diffraction in phononic crystals" (French: "Diffraction dans les cristaux phononiques") in the ADOC contest 2012 (June 14) (ADOC = L'association des jeunes chercheurs de l'Universit‚ de Franche-Comt‚, English : The Society for Young Researchers of the University of Franche-Comt‚)
Current position: Postdoctoral researcher

Hall, James

2009 James Hall, visiting PhD student of Jennifer Michaels.

Bach, Jason

(co-advisor while at GT Lorraine with D. Ku at Georgia Tech)
Advised since: Fall 2007 on Seed Fund Project (Georgia Tech provost) with David Ku (ME)
Progression: passed quals Summer 2009; Continued in bio-mechanics after a preparation in ultrasonics and passed his PhD at Georgia Tech, ME (Bio-Eng)
Date of graduation: 2011

Herbison, Sarah

(advisor at Georgia Tech)
Advised since: Spring 2007
Progression: passed quals Spring 2007
Date of graduation: June 23, 2011
Title of thesis: Ultrasonic Diffraction effects on Periodic Surfaces, PhD Reading Committee: N. Declercq, Y. Berthelot, K. Sabra, M. Ruzzene, A. Ougazzaden

Janssen, Els

(advisor 2005-2006 at Ghent University, faculty of engineering sciences)
(co-advisor with K Van den Abeele 2007-2011 at Catholic University of Leuven, Physics Department)
Advised since: 2005
Progression: Passed private PhD defense September 26, 2011.
Date of graduation: November 17, 2011
Title of thesis: Dutch Title ?Akoestische en Ultrasone Beeldvorming van microschade gebruik makend van technieken gebaseerd op tijdsomkering (TR) en niet-lineaire elastische golfspectroscopie (NEWS)? (English: Acoustic and Ultrasonic imaging of microdamage applying techniques based on time-reversal (TR) and non-linear elastic wave spectroscopy (NEWS)). PhD Reading Committee: N. F. Declercq, H. De Gersem, L. De Lathauwer, C. Glorieux, O. Bou Matar, M. Scalerandi, K. Van Den Abeele
Current position: Meteorological Institute, Leuven, Belgium

Lamkanfi, Ebrahim

(voluntary co-advisor (50% of thesis) with J. Degriek and W. Vanpapegem at Ghent University)
Advised since: Fall 2006
Date of graduation: April 13, 2010
Title of thesis: Dutch title: ?Ontwikkeling van eindige?elementenmethoden voor de vormoptimalisatie van biaxiaal belaste kruisvormige proefstukken in composiet en voor ultrasone inspectie van materialen? (English: Development of finite element methods for shape optimization of biaxially loaded cruciform composite samples and for ultrasonic inspection of materials)
Current position: self-employed
B.1.b. In Process

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