Invited Conference and Workshop Presentations

Authors in bold were supervised by Declercq, italic underlined authors presented.

14. Nico Declercq, Lynda Chehami, Pascal Pomarède, Fodil Meraghni, Esam Ahmed Mohammed, Othmane Ez-Zahraouy, "Ultrasonic nondestructive evaluation of complex media case studies , invited talk at 2017 ICU, December 18-20, Honolulu, USA.
13. Nico Declercq, Lynda Chehami, Pascal Pomarède, Othmane Ez-Zahraouy, Esam Ahmed Mohammed, Fodil Meraghni, "Propagation of ultrasonic waves in complex media: investigation of coda wave technique and traditional Polar and C-scan imaging , invited talk at 174th Meeting of the Acoustical Society of America, December 4-8, 2017 , New Orleans, Louisiana, USA.
12. Nico Declercq and Jingfei Liu, "A search for the physical origin of Acoustic Wood Anomalies , 7th Forum Acusticum joined with 61st Open Seminar on Acoustics and the Polish Acoustical Society Acoustical Society of Japan Special Session Stream, Krakow, 7-12 September 2014.*
11. Jingfei Liu, Rayisa P. Moiseyenko, Sarah Benchabane, Nico F. Declercq, Vincent Laude, "Scholte Stoneley waves on corrugated surfaces and on phononic crystal gratings , abstract of invited lecture at "XV Congress on Wave electronics and Applications in Information and Communication systems , St Petersburg, Russia, 5-10 September 2012.*
10. Nico F. Declercq, Sarah Herbison , Jingfei Liu, Peter McKeon, Ebrahim Lamkanfi, "Ultrasonics of Periodic Structures , invited presentation given by Declercq through cell phone from France with the local help of Dr Stephen Holland, 47th Annual Technical Meeting of Society of Engineering Science, October 4-6, 2010 in Ames, Iowa, USA. *
9. Nico F. Declercq, Sarah Herbison, "The plane wave expansion technique to describe diffraction of sound , International Congress on Acoustics ICA2010, session on Theoretical and computational acoustics 5 , 24 Aug 2010, Sydney, Australia. Abstract in program book / proceedings.*
8. Nico F. Declercq, "Theoretical and experimental investigation of the backward beam displacement", J. Acoust. Soc. Am. 127, 1843, 2010; 159th Meeting of the Acoustical Society of America, Baltimore Marriott Waterfront Hotel, Baltimore, Maryland, 19-23 April 2010. (Due to Eyjafjallajökull volcano eruption Declercq could not fly to the US, a shortened presentation has been sent to colleague Dr Alem Teklu who presented the slides instead ). Abstract in Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 127, 1843, 2010.*
7. Alem A. Teklu, Michael A. McPherson, Mack A. Breazeale, and Nico F. Declercq, "Frequency dependence of the ultrasonic parametric threshold amplitude for a fluid-filled cavity", J. Acoust. Soc. Am. 127, 1844, 2010. Abstract in Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 127, 1844, 2010.*
6. Michael S. McPherson, M. A. Breazeale, Nico F. Declercq, and Alem Teklu, "Optical Bragg imaging of acoustic fields after reflection", J. Acoust. Soc. Am. 127, 1845, 2010. Abstract in Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 127, 1845, 2010.*
5. Nico F. Declercq, "Ultrasonic investigation of GaN-based heteroepitaxial structures Invited presentation at MicroNanoacoustics Workshop, 24-25 Sept 2009, Prato, Italy.*
4. Nico F. Declercq, Cindy S. A. Dekeyser, "The acoustics of the Hellenistic Theatre of Epidaurus: the important role of the seat rows , Invited presentation at the ICA International Congress on Acoustics, Madrid, Spain, 2-7 Sept 2007.*
3. Nico F. Declercq, Joris Degrieck, Rudy Briers, Oswald Leroy, "Special acoustic effects caused by the staircase of the El Castillo pyramid at the Maya ruins of Chichen-Itza in Mexico", invited talk at the IX-th Western Pacific Conference on Acoustics WESPAC-IX, June 26-28 2006, Seoul, Korea.
2. N. F. Declercq, "Het ontrafelde mysterie van de Maya piramide in Chichen-Itza in Mexico", invited talk at the annual meeting of the Dutch Acoustical Society (Nederlands Akoestisch genootschap), 23 Nov 2005, Utrecht, the Netherlands.
1. Nico F. Declercq, Rudy Briers, Joris Degrieck, Oswald Leroy, "The diffraction of ultrasound on corrugated surfaces and its possible application for surface waves stimulation" , oral (invited) presentation at 51st open seminar on Acoustics, Joint with 9th School of Acousto-Optics and Applications , Gdansk, Poland , 6-10/09 2004.

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