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Published Books, Book Chapters, and Edited Volume

A1. Books

"2015 ICU International Congress on Ultrasonics Abstract Book, Metz, France, Declercq N. F. editor (2015) , 318 pages. (editor)*
P.C. Mishra, Rajendra Kumar Singh, Sri Singh, Nico F. Declercq Eds., "Ultrasonics , MacMillan Publishers India Ltd, New Delhi, ISBN 10: 0230-63689-8, ISBN 13: 978-0230-63689-7, 2008, 533 pages. (co-editor)*
Nico F. Declercq, "The interaction of complex harmonic elastic waves with periodically corrugated surfaces and with anisotropic viscoelastic and/or piezoelectric layered media", Ghent University (2005) (700 pages, ISBN: 90-8578-014-4) (Ph.D. Thesis published as a two-volume book)

A3. Edited Volumes

Nico F. Declercq, "Proceedings of the 2015 ICU International Congress on Ultrasonics, Metz, France , Elsevier, Physics Procedia 70, 2015, ISSN 1875-3892, 1268 Pages (editor)*

A4. Other Parts of Books

N. F. Declercq, J. Degrieck, O. Leroy, "Numerical simulations of ultrasonic polar scans , in Emerging Technologies in NDT (Danny Van Hemelrijck, Athanasios Anastasopoulos and Nikolaos E. Melanitis eds.), Swetz & Zeitlinger B. V., Lisse, The Netherlands, 2004 (ISBN: 90 5809 645 9); also in Nico F. Declercq, Joris Degrieck, Oswald Leroy, "Numerical Simulations of Ultrasonic Polar Scans", (abstract) Book of Abstracts, 3rd International Conference on Emerging Technologies in Non-Destructive Testing & Technology Transfer and Business Partnership Event, May 26-28, Thessaloniki, Greece, 2003.
N.F. Declercq, J. Degrieck, R. Briers & O. Leroy , "Some interesting features of the interaction of a bounded ultrasonic beam with a doubly corrugated interface between a solid and a liquid , in Modeling and Experimental Measurements in Acoustics III (D. ALMORZA, C.A. BREBBIA, R. HERNANDEZ, eds)., WITpress series on Computational and Experimental Methods Vol. 9, Southampton, 2003 (ISBN: 1-85312-975-5).