Archaeo-Acoustics : Chichen Itza
Archaeo-Acoustics : Epidaurus
phononic crystals - transduction
ultrasonic diffraction - isotropic materials
ultrasonic diffraction - anisotropic materials
room acoustics : Alvar Aalto's discussion room
fiber reinforced composites
acousto-optic crystals
piezo-electric crystals
Minimum variance guided wave imaging
polar scans
Electrets for Ultrasonic Transducers
Research Topics


The global goal is to understand the interaction of sound and ultrasound with materials aiming at nondestructive evaluation of materials. Studies involve the diffraction of sound at periodical structures (phononic crystals, staircases, periodically corrugated surfaces and interfaces, multi-layered materials, acoustic barriers …) and the interaction of sound with fiber reinforced composites and other anisotropic materials. In addition medical applications are examined such as the multiple interaction of sound with objects in a blood flow. Investigations cover both linear and nonlinear interactions. One of the objectives is to understand complex situations where different phenomena take place simultaneously. Declercq and his team are specialized in experimental work and theoretical/numerical work.

This research is very important in aerospace industry (e.g. NDE of parts and composite structures), telecommunication (e.g. the use of phononic crystals for filtering of signals), acoustics of architectural masterpieces (e.g. diffraction in Chichen Itza – Mexico, and medicine etc.)

The work produced by Declercq and his team has been widely covered in the media around the world (Nature, Washington Post, New York Times, The Economist, and many local newspapers in most countries).


The wonders of nature will never be understood, but it’s such a pleasure to try… because every attempt to understand a wonder, makes the wonder even bigger and meanwhile we gather bits and pieces that are useful for the study of science and engineering and their applications in industry and society.

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