Laser Doppler Vibrometer

OFV-5000 Modular Vibrometer Controller - Features
Polytec’s modular vibrometer controller is continually improving to meet the needs of advanced vibration measurement applications. The latest design adds digital processing with a range of new features that make non-contact vibration analysis even more precise, simple, flexible and rewarding.

The System OFV-5000 Controller is the core of Polytec’s latest state-of-the-art laser vibrometer systems. Its modular design allows the frequency, velocity and displacement capabilities to be tailored to specific or multiple applications. Both analogue and digital decoders are available, giving a frequency range from near DC to 24 MHz, with velocities to ± 10 m/s and displacements from the sub-nanometer to meter range.
Full remote control, laser auto-focusing and other functions are incorporated, allowing the OFV-5000 to be incorporated as part of a small scale lab test, or expanded all the way up to a full scanning vibrometer now launched in the second generation, featuring new broadband digital decoders, compatible with a wide variety of optical sensor heads for serious, demanding applications. OFV-5000 advantages include improved vibration resolution and dynamic range from new digital / analog decoders, remote focus, auto focus and focus memory (with OFV-505), more capacity for a wider range of modules and digital filtering.  Polytec laser Doppler vibrometers operate on the Doppler principle, measuring back-scattered laser light from a vibrating structure, to determine its vibrational velocity and displacement.vibrometer system is comprised of controller electronics and a non-contact standard-optic or fiber-optic sensor head. The controller provides signals and power for the sensor head, and processes the vibration signals. These are electronically converted by specially developed decoders within the controller to obtain velocity and displacement information about the test structure. This information is provided by OFV-5000 in either analog or digital form, for further data evaluation. The analog output is provided at standard BNC connectors.


Functionality and Flexibility
Modular Approach
A wide range of configurations offers optimal performance for the task with maximum flexibility and expandability to meet future needs.
Application-Specific Configuration
By selecting from a choice of different analog and/or digital decoders, performance can be precisely tailored to match the demands of the application.
Several compatible standard-optic and fiber-optic sensor heads are available to meet specific needs for robustness, flexibility and ease-of-use.
Upgradeable to Scanning Vibrometer
OFV-5000 is fully upgradeable to Polytec's 1-D and 3-D Scanning Vibrometer systems for full field vibration analysis. The OFV-5000 Controller is also the MSA Micro System Analyzer designed for MEMS and microstructure analysis
Remote Focus Functions
Autofocus, remote focus and focus memory are all possible with the OFV-5000 controller used with the OFV-505 sensor head.

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